I Like Hip-Hop…I Really Do…Honest

23 09 2008

I went to see Gym Class Heroes again last night, and they were great (Their cover of When Does Cry could have been Prince), but this isn’t about them, this is about the support act.  A UK Hip-Hop act called Professor Green.  Now, as the title says I like Hip-Hop and going to see some properly done was great (Ghostface and Raekwon) but last night was just dire.

The problem was that most of the kids in the room were probably gig virgins (and the fact that Portsmouth isn’t really a Hip-Hop city), so amid the whooping and hollering and buying all the merchandise was a white guy rapping (badly) about being a dealer and having no money.  Every cliche in the book was dragged out, we were asked to put up our guns, the room was split in half so we could try and out-do the the other side with our Hey’s and Ho’s and to put out mutha-f****ng hands in the air if we smoke weed.

I am glad that I wasn’t the only one that thought he was crap, because he really was.



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