18 09 2008

As I sit at my desk eating my Greggs Chicken Mango sandwiches drinking my Dr Pepper, wondering why mylunchbreak has been reduced to this, I am happy in the Knowledge that I am being allowed out of work an hour early so that I can make sure that I get in in time to watch the football.  Got to love Flexi Time.

Yes, Portsmouth are in Europe for the first time, playing Vitoria Guimaraes who came 4th in the Portugese league ahead of Benfica.  I have an impending sense of doom that our foray into the UEFA cup could be a short one, but you never know, Harry has a decent team and they might surprise me. 

But I have my keg of beer and some friends coming over so it will be a good night, its a shame its on channel 5 though because the commentary will be crap.  Also the fact that it has to start at 6 is a bit of a bummer, luckily I will miss the traffic though.

Right lunch has finished now, i’ll see you later.



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