End Of The Road

16 09 2008

So, the End of the Road Festival.  How was it you ask, well it was great thanks.  Apart from the getting robbed of all of our cash while we were asleep, but I won’t dwell on that fact.

We laughed a lot this weekend, myself, Dev, KP and Ebby, we also saw some sriously good music.  The highlights were Bon Iver (Completely stole the show for me, so happy to be there, got the crowd going and sounded just brilliant), Mercury Rev (back and sounding superb, I got goosebumps when they did Goddess on a Hiway) and Bob Log III (He has to be seen to be believed, plays guitar and drums with both feet, but the best bit is that he wears a fighter helmet with a telephone stuck to the front so you can’t tell who he is).

There were some who were completely overrated Conor Oberst was the main offender, who just acted like a knob.  I had heard good stuff about Jeffrey Lewis but I wasn’t overly impressed.

Overall I really liked the festival, there were so many good small bands on and the atmosphere was great.  I am fairly sure that we were the only ones who were robbed, but in the end that didn’t really matter.  We had food and Booze so managed to keep going.  Now I just need to catch up on some sleep.



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4 12 2009
My Favourite Gigs « Rantings from a bored mind.

[…] Bon Iver (2008)- Again its amazing what a brilliant song can do to you, top it off with one of the best voices in Music at the moment, sat in a festival field with a paper cup of Cider when the sun comes out, you have near perfection.  […]

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