Racist C**t

4 09 2008

Something that I forgot to mention about my trip to the pub the other night, and its been winding me up ever since.  It was a quiet night and me and Rich were sat at our normal place, the two stools by the CD player and the only other people in there were up the other end talking to the male barman.  We heard riotous laughter and the the barman came down to our end of the bar and told a really racist joke about a Pakistani.  We just sat there in stunned silence and told him to go away, as it wasn’t a good idea to be saying that sort of thing. 

2 minutes later it happened again. 

At wich point the politeness went and we were quite rude.  He was then slightly offensive back, it probably would have helped if he had known why we were being like it he would have stopped.  Firstly, there is no need for it, I don’t like racism, especially not when I am having a good night out.  Secondly when you are saying it to two blokes and one of their girlfriends is of Indian descent, you really don’t want to hear it.  I’m in 2 minds about whether to say anything to the landlady, who quite likes us. or whether to just beat the crap out of him….see I told you it had wound me up.



One response

6 09 2008

Hearing open racism takes me by surprise these days. It’s just pitiable really. I’d not be against giving the guy a good shoeing or just leaving him in the middle of an Asian area, tied to a post with a Nazi armband on. See how brave and funny he is there.

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