Smoking Kids and No Cake

28 08 2008

I had a crazy mad weekend for this bank holiday.  On Friday I took my leave from the Independent Isle and headed up to Worcester.  I had dinner at Bimbo and Fatbobs place (minus Fat Bob as he was combine harvesting a field for some reason or another) where we ate and then headed to the Dragon in town for more than one pint of local brew.  KP and Dev met us theer, shortly followed by the Fat one who had finished harvesting due to it being dark.  We had a few more, and it was a cracking night.  On the way home we had some chips from the kebab shop, laughing at the fact that Brian Harvey was playing a gig in Tramps (one of the worst clubs in the world).

The next morning we watched the Taekwondo at the Olympics and witnessed the drama as the British girl was out then back in, then out and  finally back in, before retiring injured.  After that I went out on the bike with Neil as a first preperatory ride for our JoGLE trip.  We plan to do this  at some point next year, but I am sure there will be more on this soon.

We met up with another of Devs uni friends, G and went out for some food and then a pint.  We had to walk across a field that was being Combine Harvested (Not by Fat Bob) and down a road that none of us had any idea where it went.  It turned out that it was the one that ended at the pub we were going to.  The Royal Oak in Hallow is quite nice, and you can get Kronenbourg there which is always a bonus.  But then something that completely shocked us happened.  We were sat outside as it was a nice night when 4 kids (aged between about 12 and 16) came out and started smoking.  What was worse was that they were the Landladys kids and she was letting them do it.  A conversation went like this.

Landlady “When do you want Pizza”

Kid (age about 14) “When we have finished these!” (holding up cigarette).

OK, kids smoke, I am sure they know that its bad for them, but will they ever stop if their parents blatently let them.  This could turn into a rant, but it won’t.

The next day we said bye to G and 5 of us went to the cricket at New Road to watch Worcester lose heavily to Durham.  During the match we saw loads of people walking past with plates of Tea and Cake.  With myself and Dev being bakery conniseurs we sent KP off to try and find the source of the cake and purchase some.  She failed miserably as it was only members who were allowed to have cake.  I think that is quite a rum old do as there are other people who like cake, not just members.  The members got a good old sledging from us I can tell you. 

As it was bank holiday and I didn’t have to run off early I stayed until the Monday when I went down to see Mack and Spanner in Fairford.  They are living at Spanners parents place as her Dad is very ill.  I am sure it made their day to have me turn up, but they were very polite and we had a nice lunch out.  They offered me cake.  Unlike the womans pavillion at the cricket.

I then went home and went to Fratton Park (for the first time in a few years) to watch Man U beat Portsmouth (Boo).  The game was actually quite good, and I did enjoy chanting “We Support our local team”.

There you go, busy Bank holiday weekend.  Its the way forward.



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30 08 2008

I have ny own cake, I’m almost positive it is better than the nasty stuff they were selling in the ladies enclosure. But we’ll never know and that is part of the craving.

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