Things To Do Before I Die (Updated)

1 08 2008

I wrote this about 2 years ago one night when I had just come back from the pub. This was on my myspace page, but I thought that I would update this and repost it here.

Things to do before I die

Walk the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Climb to Everest Base Camp

Go to Tibet

climb Kilimanjiro

Go to Easter Island

Drive the Nurberg Ring

Go to the Galapogos Islands

See The Scream by Munch

Drive Italy in a Ferrari

The Trans Mongolian Railway from Moscow to Shanghai

Visit the Great Wall Of China

See Red Square (Moscow)

See Victoria Falls

Learn to Fly

Become Fluent in another Language

Learn an Instrument

Go to New Zealand

have a tea ceremony in a Japanese Teagarden in Tokyo

See the Terracotta Warriors

party at the Rio Carnival

Either drive or cycle from Lands End to John o Groats

Visit every Country in Europe

Visit every Continent

Build my own house

Get a Masters

Live for a Year in Paris

Cycle to the mediterranean

Go to Ankor Wat

See the Northern Lights

Stay in an Ice Hotel

Party at an Embassy

Be evacuated from a warzone

Go to the Vatican and see the Sistine chapel

So far in my life ive done some cool things, here are my favourites:

Seen the sun come up over the rain forest from the top of a Mayan Temple

Eaten a Conch as soon as it had been caught

Been amazed at the sound of a Hummingbird

Had a bizzarre experience on a ferry in Fiji

Driven round Europe in a Campervan

Seen Michalangelos David

Been to Monets Garden at Giverney

Whatched the sun set over the pacific

Seen a Tornado form and Hit land

Walked on a glacier

Showered under a waterfall

Been on a hot air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings

Taken part in the Pamplona Bull Run

Ok, I know that most of my choices involve travelling (Infact all of them do as my house is boring), and some people would probably criticse me for not putting have a family or get married on the things to do list. This may happen, it may not, Im 28, and its not happened so far, its not even on the cards so im not overly expectant in the next few years of having a sprog. Anyway im digressing, on the list of things to do, nothing is unachievable, expensive yes, but not entirely unrealistic. I dont see the point in not wanting to travel in my humble (drunk) opinion, a global sense of place is much more of a desirable trait in people than never having been out of the country but having a sprog. I like the fact that I have more in common with an Australian than I do with my niece who has never had a job, but has 3 kids.

To be fair, im not entirely sure of the point that im trying to make, im sure there is one. I like my life and I like the fact that I can go anywhere, any when and not answer to anyone. However I wouldnt change the fact that I know how a hummingbird sounds for anything, even if someone may find this dull.



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2 08 2008

You need to prioratise. You could kill about three birds with one stone and do your masters in Paris and that way you would also learn another language. Although it may be a bit difficult doing a masters in french.
The first one is very high on my list at the moment too but Bob isn’t interested in South or Central America at all.

Is the scream in Norway somewhere? We could do a long weekend and go and see it. As high on my list is see more of Scandanavia.

2 08 2008

Slight problem with the Scream, it was stolen from the Oslo National Gallery. Do like your thinking of the year in Paris though.

4 08 2008

It’s been stolen a couple of times but they have found it both times. There is also more than one version of it, it’s like Munch predicted it would be stolen so he made some spares.

4 08 2008

You obviously saw the same documentary as I did then. For those of you that don’t know, it was a scene overlooking Oslo from a mental institution. The face used is copied from one of the Incan scarifices that Munch saw in a Museum when he was young.

7 08 2008

If you go to Cuba the Canadian Embassy has a party every saturday for it’s residents in Cuba. You could don a maple leaved shirt and say aboot and they would let you in.

I think I know somebody who has done most of the travelling ones on your list, I’ll ask him when he’s back off holiday.
And as for the marriage thing. It’s fine not to WANT to get married. It’s just something that happens by itself so wanting or not wanting, (as I used to) to do it makes no difference. If you end up like the blokey I mentioned above. He’s nearly 50 and isn’t married or have sprogs. He does have a girlfriend who is 19 years younger than him though as he has travelled the world and is a really intresting chap. That’ll be you one day!

7 08 2008

Thanks for that vote of confidence, I would like to not be 50 and still single.

8 08 2008

Who said he was single, he’s been with his bird for years. I was making the comparison because marriage doesn’t bother him but travelling and seeing the world does.

21 09 2009
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