KP Goes Lefty*

16 06 2008

KP goes leftyIf you have been following the circket and the one dayers between England and New Zealand, you would have probably heard the furore over the 2 audacious shots played by Kevin Pietersen where he changed from a right handed batsman to a lefty as the ball was leaving a bemused Scott Styris’ hand and sending it for six down the now leg side.

A lot of people have a lot of problems with this sort of thing mainly being the fact that the bowlers have to say whether they are going to bowl around or over the wicket, so surely it should follow that batsmen should do the same.

Hopefully the MCC and he ICC who are looking into his won’t ban it, because it is an amazing shot, that not everyone will be able to play. You can however guarantee that if he had been out whilst playing this shot first time, nobody would have said a word about it.  As a Hampshire fan, I have no doubt that KP will go onto be one of the games great batsmen and with shots like this, he will make others believe it too.

*Kevin Pietersen, not my friend KP



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22 06 2008

It’s cheating! As a bowler you have to declare what hand you will bowl with, and so many bat righthanded but bowl lefthanded (or vice versa) that there will be a few out there that can bowl with both hands…I seem to recall Curtley Ambrose being one example. Now if he was allowed to bowl with either hand and not declare what he was going to do, teams would have been about 6 all out against him. They should ban the shot as it is absolutely against the spirit of the game, and it gives batsmen an unfair advantage over bowlers. As for very few being able to play it, I’ve already seen 2 very average batsmen (Loye being one) swapping hands as they know they can now, and lo and behold a decent ball to a righthander goes for 6 when it becomes a delivery to a left handed batsman. It’s cheating, it’s not on, and the MCC should have banned it rather than kowtowing to batsmen-twenty20 has proved that it is a batsman’s game and if bowlers become glorified pitching machines it will get worse. If they are going to let people bat two handed at their own whim, let people bowl two handed too, I say. It’s not necessarily Pietersen’s fault this has come up, he’s just the first high profile batsman to try it. Hundreds of them can and will play it and the game will become a farce. Ban it!

8 07 2008

* your friend KP also went lefty for a while. Drinks were spilt, my handwriting got worse, and I nearly starved to death as i could not open any cans or jars.

…and you never know, I may yet go on to be one of the games great batsmen if there is some strange plague that wipes out every other person in the world.

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