Army of Merchandise

4 06 2008

I went to see Army of Freshmen last night with the Jolly Green Dave Ware. I like this band because unlike a lot of the music that I listen to, its upbeat and happy, and always seems to be sung with a smile.

Anyway, I had wanted to see them live for a while, and having not made it to their last 2 tours, this was the first opportunity that I had.  Unfortunately the Wedgewood Rooms was only about a third full, but the kids (I may have been the 2nd oldest person in there after Dave)  were fanatical supporters, which was good to see.

I get the feeling that this may have been a lot of their first gigs, as some of them were walking around like AOF billboards.  One of them had a T-Shirt, a Hoodie and a poster, which duly got signed by the whole band as they were in the bar drinking.

The gig was good, and I really enjoyed it, Dave didn’t, but who cares…



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