Exercising the Demons

2 06 2008

I am trying to use this time off of work to try and get a bit fit.  Early in the year I had a chest infection and couldn’t get out on the bike for a while.  So now I have started Mountain Biking again, I took myself up to Queen Elizabeth Country Park for a bit of off roading.  As always I made the mistake of taking the first hill far too quickly, and needed a bit of a sit down at the top.  This has nothing to do with my legs, they are fine, but my lungs just seem to scream in pain when I breathe in too deeply, back onto the steroid inhaler me-thinks.

I got over this inconvenience and decided that I know the pace that I normally ride at, I should cut some speed off of this, and so I didn’t have too many stops after that.  I am a bit dissappointed  that they have changed the ending to the 1st half, as now, instead of being 3 long sweeping fast curves they have changed it to a set of 7 switchbacks which mean that you can’t get any momentum for the next hill, which you really need (in the 15 years of riding at QE, I can only remember making it up this chalky hill about 3 times, its a right bugger and without any momentum its virtually impossible).

As usual I had great fun on the 2nd half with lots of singletrack and fast downhills, I even managed to avoid the tree that I usually clip.  Once the track was finished I headed for a celebratory cup of tea in the cafe to warm me up after my camelback had leaked all over my spine.

I really need to get fitter.



One response

2 06 2008

Take things easy to start with dude or you’ll end up injuring yourself, (says me the queen of manky injuries).

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