A Spot of Contemplation

28 05 2008

For those of you that don’t know me, and I am sure that is a lot, I am currently on gardening leave from work.  This means that I have given in my notice but have been sent home on full pay for the remainder of my notice period.

I have been doing a lot of thinking over the last week and still have no clue about what sort of job I am looking for.  The idea of teaching keeps going through my mind as does the fact that I want to walk the South Downs Way (A short term goal, but a goal none the less).

I have also been thinking about a lot of other life stuff and that really doesn’t seem to make that much sense either so what the hey…

A couple of weeks ago myself and the housemate watched a programe about exercise and the fact that you should walk 10000 steps a day.  As I havn’t done any walking for the last few days I am a little under this target, but the housemate walked 12.1km at work on bank holiday monday.  He is in the lead for now.



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29 05 2008

I still haven’t bought batteries for mine. I’ve been paid now though so soon I will be able to see how lazy I am. I took the boys bowling today and it nearly finished me off, I had to look everywhere at once. Ro ran down the isle first time to try and pick the pins back up. I need sleep.

29 05 2008

I am assuming that you mean for your pedometer?

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