I Love This Band

13 05 2008

Last night I went to see Vampire Weekend at the Wedgewood rooms and they were superb.  I think they are great and are along with DLSvsSP are my favourite band at the moment.  They started with Mansard Roof and finished with Walcott (funny that, playing a song about an ex-Southampton player in Portsmouth as your encore) via the whole album and more.  Oxford Comma was a real highlight though, and for the 45 minutes or so that they were on, all was right with my world.

The support band had some good tunes, but the lead singer looked like a chavvy Ian Curtis (of Joy Division) and insisted on singing everything with loads of Echo effect and it was still on even when he spoke.  This sounded really terrible.  Altogether they weren’t great which is good because I don’t feel too guilty about forgetting their names.

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday to me.



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13 05 2008

Ahhh I’ve just realised what your text message actually said. Bob and I thought the band may have been called ‘very echoy’ or that you had a predictive texting accident but we couldn’t work out what echoy was supposed to mean.

Glad you had a good night. Hope you have a nice fat hangover for your birthday. That always seems to be what I get.

13 05 2008

Happy birthday Mr Smith. I love them too, but right now I’m listening to Angles, which is rockin’. I am serving spaghetti and meatballs Hip Hop stylie, much to the disgust of the boys who prefer Jack Johnson.

4 12 2009
My Favourite Gigs « Rantings from a bored mind.

[…] Vampire Weekend (2008)- Mansard Roof, was easily my favourite single of the year (probably of the last 5 years) and I may have said that the album could challenge The Bends as my favourite album.  I am not sure if it has or not, but this gig on my birthday was utterly superb. […]

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