60 Not Out

10 05 2008

Its my dads 60th tomorrow, so we went out for a meal with some of my parents friends to Rosies Wine Bar in Southsea.  I had a lovely meal, starting with Char Grilled Tiger Prawns and then, Whole Sea Bass in Coconut butter with Sauteed Potatos.  The prawns were delicious and the fish wasn’t bad either if a bit fiddly.  For desert I had a Passion Fruit Tart with red Berry Compote.  The flavours in this were excellent.

There was also a live Jazz Band  called the Freestyle Funk Collective (the female singer sounded great especially when doing the Brand New Heavies Covers) in the restaurant which added atmosphere, although the amount of wine that was drunk did enough of that anyway.  It was a very funny night and Dad was on top form joking about.  Anyway, happy birthday for tomorrow, i’ll see you for lunch.



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