Laughing Until It Hurt

8 05 2008

I suppose I had better write about this weekend as it was a monster of laughter an joviality.

I picked up the Ebster on friday and drove to the Woo where we met with Fatbob and Bimbo.  Bimbo had made us pizza and due to my apparant fussy eating let me choose the toppings, cue mushroom and chorizo pizza.  Nom nom nom.

The 4 of us then went out for a few drinks (it would have been 6, but a drunken Dev had upset KP, so they made the decision not to come out).  We went to the Swan with Two Nicks for a spot of jukebox abuse and then on to Heroes, where we all had a jolly good laugh at the Fonz look-a-like with his Diamonte (not Del Monte as I heard, there was no pineapple there) earring.

We hit the sack and then were up and about bright and earlyish for bacon sandwiches and toast, before the four of us took the train to Brum with KP and Dev.  Now this was quite exciting as Dev and Ebby hadn’t seen each other in 12 years after they went to school together.  As they chatted, we all almost died laughing as a small child licked the floor of the train.

In Birmingham we met with May-z who had took the train up and then proceeded to eat and make a map of the UK out of receipts (see that’s the sort of thing that happens when you get a load of geographers together).

Then onto the Slug and Lettuce for a few more drinks while May-z watched the football in the busiest pub in the world.  Once Birmingham had lost and were effectively relegated he came back with Rich, who can talk some bollocks, but is incredibly funny.  For the 2nd time that day I laughed until I almost died with the conversation about putting candles in your ears to help you relax.  I guess you had to be there. so about 5.40 we headed to our final destination for the evening, the Carling Academy to watch Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip.  Support came from Gideon Conn who was ace and Producers with Computers who were also great and came from Portsmouth.  There was also the girl with the shortest skirt in the world and some pirates, but I am not sure they had anything to do with the show.  DLS vs SP were predictably brilliant, and I still think that Scroob is one of the best front men that I have seen.

After may drinks and plenty of pogoing we headed to KFC and then to the train home, ready for the next days trip to Hay-on-wye.  On the way to the train Ebby was looking at somthing Dev was pointing at and walked forehead first into a lamp post where she left a large amount of skin.

So on the sunday, the 7 of us (Me, Ebby, Fatbob, Bimbo, Dev, KP and May-z headed off to the international book town of Hay-on-Wye, its home to 57 bookshops and has far too many books for its own good, you really have to know what you are looking for.  Surprisingly with me being the bibliophile that I am, I came away with no books, while unsurprisingly everyone else did, especially Ebby who went rampaging through the Poetry sections like a mad thing and must have bought about 400 of the things.  We had a pint at lunch in a nice beer garden (apparantly the largest garden in Wales…well according to Dev anyway) before making our way back to Casa Fatbob and Bimbo for a game of back yard frisbee (Yard being the operative word, as 6 of us were trying to play in an area about a yard square) before we had to say our goodbyes and I took Ebby back home.

The Comedy List

  • The Text message that I got from Neil that I can’t repeat
  • Delmonte earrings
  • The Child Floor Licker
  • The Candle Conversation
  • The Watch Strap abuse
  • The Head banging incident
  • May-Z claiming Fatbob and Bimbos house
  • May-z’s weak and childlike bladder and tendency to hurt himself

I am sure that there were plenty more, so comments please and I will add them.



3 responses

9 05 2008

Yes, what was the text message you can’t repeat? And you forgot about farmers six month rape and Dave Pelzer’s brother. The man who objected to me using his bin in KFC, me falling over of course.

12 05 2008

I’d forgotten about delmonte earing dude.
I liked May-Zs comment on our new kitchen. “very nice, where’s the dartboard?”

12 05 2008

A drunken Dev did upset KP, but that is not why we did not go out on Friday night. Neil was too “tired” and begrudges having to leave the house after 9pm. He is a duffer after all.

And everyone seems to have forgotten about the Supermarket Sweep tactics discussion. I think the end decision was to wrap the trolley in cling film and then fill it up at the petrol station. That or kidnap one of the employees and hold them for ransom.

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