1 05 2008


I went to see the Maccabees last night, who were great, really energetic considering that they have very little stage presence.  They were supported by Derek Meins and Jason Weller, both of whom were also pretty good once you got into them.  Meins set includes elements of performance poetry, that I am not sure many of the 15 year olds in the crowd got.  Josh Weller (I have just realised that I called him Jason earlier, but he was someone that I went to school with) was really good, sounding like Lightspeed Champion and looking like Moss from ‘the IT Crowd’.  With a head of crazy afro-hair that looked a little like Marge Simpson, this brings me on to the main point of this post.


Honestly some of the hair in the Wedgewood rooms was amazing, in a bad way.  I have not seen so many afro’s since I watched Shaft.  Although these weren’t cool afro’s, they were on skinny white 15 year olds.  The little ginger kid was the best.  He looked like a lollipop.

Then there is the greasy indie wannabies in their skinny fit jeans and vintage clothing with all forms of strange styles of hair.  Slicked down and brushed forward across the ears and sideburns.  One guy had obviously spent so long doing it to his that he had to walk round with his head cocked to one side so hat it wouldn’t move.  A couple of the guys in there obviously thought that Russel Brand is a good role model when it comes to hair…Why?



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