Keeping the Faith

17 04 2008

For a few months now I have been buying albums just for the sake of it, it seems.  Some of them I can’t have listened to more than a few times, Ive burn’t the tracks that I like to MP3 and had done with it.

I was beginning to lose faith in Modern Music, there is so much dross out there that its a difficult job to sort the wheat from the chaff.  In the last year, I could think of 1 album that has really moved me and made me think about the music.  Vampire Weekends self titled debut.  An album that I absolutely love.

Then, Lo and Behold, last week I  recieve Cease to Begin by Band of Horses through from Amazon.  Oh my god, beauty in aural form, I absolutely love this album.  Its fragile, delicate and holds so much resonance with me at the moment its scary.

Today I had to go to Thurrock for a meeting, so I dropped into Borders who were having a sale, and I purchased 5 albums for less than twenty quid.  Not one of them is bad, some are more challenging than others (Places Like These by Architecture in Helsinki -£3.99), some of them bring back the spirit of Rock and roll (Have Mercy by The Mooney Suzuki- £4.99)  the best of the bunch and the biggest bargain was Nice and Nicely Done by the Spinto Band for a whole £2.99.  Now May-Z has been saying this is a great album for about a year now, and I can finally agree, its brilliant.

So there you go, has music taken a slump, or have I just been buying the wrong thing…

Probably the latter



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