Not the best time to have Writers Block

16 04 2008

At the moment I am suffering from writers block, you may be able to tell, my posts on here have been crap and infrequent.  So now when I have to come up with a 1200 word article for the Timber Trade Journal (Don’t mock me, its a well respected publication in the UK timber market) I find that I am struggling a lot. 

I do tend to find that I over research, leaving myself with too short a time to actually write the thing.  Chances are because I have to write this I will post on here a few times over the next few days.

Oh, one more thing, something that really made me question the intelligence of our postman.  Yesterday, through our letterbox we received a flyer for 20% off a conservatory for your home.  I live in a 2nd floor flat, so unless its got stilts, I dont think there is any way that I will be having a conservatory.



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