Comedy Nights Sleep

10 03 2008

Last night I had an annoying nights sleep, but looking back on it it was actually quite amusing.

About midnight I was woken up, probably by the howling wind outside, but I thought that it was because I could hear what sounded like an electrical crackling sound.  After a couple of minutes of this I decided that it was probably coming from the speakers in the ceiling, so I went and turned them off at the box, and settled down to try and get back to sleep.

About 10 minutes later it started again, so I had to get up and investigate again and I found that it was so windy, the vents in my window were blowing out, so I had to open them making my room a lot colder and windier.  Anyway, I managed to get to sleep only to be woken up again by my bedside lamp turning itsself on. 

As this is a touch lamp I assumed that the wind was knocking it against the wall and turning it on.  I moved it away and drifted back to sleep, only to be woken up by the same thing happening.  I turned it off again and 2 minutes later it was back on again.  Beginning to think there was a ghost I switched it off and then heard the beep as all of the phones and electrical systems in the house were rebooting after a power cut. 

There you go, electrical surges turn on lamps.  I think that I eventually got about 5 hours sleep last night, but looking back on it, its quite funny.



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