Cowering Behind A Cushion

8 03 2008

I have just spent 45 minutes cowering behind a cushion on the sofa watching the FA cup quarter final between Man Utd and Pompey.  For the neutral fan that must have been a good game to watch, for most of the 2nd half for me it was painful.  Still for Man Utd fans, the next couple of days will be quite bad with the amount of stick they will get.

Sorry, but I feel the need to put a few stats on here:


Man Utd 64%-36% Pompey

Shots on Target

Man Utd 10-4 Pompey

Shots Off Target

Man Utd 10-2 Pompey

But the only one that really matters is

Final Score

Man Utd 0-1 Pompey

Honestly you cannot take anything away from our defence, they were amazing.  Sylvan Distan making an almost impossible intervention on the line, David James again making an outstanding save.  Diarra seemed to be everywhere in midfield.  OK, we probably should have lost the game, but we had luck on our side.  But as we all know its only the goals that count.

In the pre-match interviews Alex Fergusson said “I can’t name a strongest team. I could pick four different starting XIs and say every one is as strong as the other.”  Now thats showing off a bit. 

But what I really loved is what Harry said about our team:

“We’ll go there with exactly the same system that has won us so many games away from home. Two wide men (Utaka and Kranjcar) who can’t defend to save their lives and a striker up front (Kanu) who can’t run around that much. That is it really.”

Also I love the fact that we have wiped that smug self satisfied grin off Fergies red face.

Now I am looking forward to getting tickets for the semi’s and seeing Pompey come out at Wembley.



2 responses

10 03 2008

The whinging from Man U was terrible. It wasn’t a penalty on Ronaldo, it was a shoulder charge which is legal. The things Quieroz said about Tiny afterwards were despicable and there is actually some suggestion in the Brum papers that we should be taking people to court for defamation of character, it’s happened too often to a nice bloke.
I obviously don’t want Pompey to win the FA Cup because of Redknapp but you can win it if we stay up and beat the Villa. West Brom won’t be easy. I don’t want either team to win very much! If they win the cup they’ll be unbearable for years, nay decades, to come. It might be worth it if their cup final song is a Frank Skinner-Adrian Chiles duet though. Pompey should get Westwood if they make one.

10 03 2008

I’m really nervous about this, I reckon we could have a bit of difficulty here with West Brom. The problem that I found with the moaning is that it took everything away from us. Not one paper praised us in a headline. It was all about what that bastard said.

Still 1-0. Now sod off Fergie. You and Avram can both take your trebles and shove them.

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