The Future’s Bright

6 03 2008

I saw the Futureheads at the Wedgewood rooms last night, and I have to say that they were better than the last time that I saw them, and they were good then.  I like this band a lot, and I have done since their first single.  When they were dropped from their record label it was a bit of a surprise bacause their 2 albums had sold well.  But now they are back with their own label and the songs are back to the quality that I liked.  They are full of energy and you get the feeling that the band are happy and in a good mood (although this could be somthing to do with their rider). 

Old songs went down well, and the new single Beginning of the Twist got the crowd going.  All in all a cracking night, and those naysayers who say that they are rubbish should be made aware that they are wrong. 

I have a hangover.



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