29 02 2008

Things to be happy about:

1)Its the 29th Febuary.  Ive been alive through 6 of these, that makes me nearly a week older than I should be.

2)Finally sorted out my expenses problem, so £500 coming to me.  Nice!

3)Ive got tickets to see my new favourite band Vampire Weekend at the wedgewood rooms on the 12th May…the day before my birthday.  Excellent present to me I think.

4)The damage to my car isn’t as bad as I thought it was.

5)Steak for Tea

6)My blood type is O positive.  I finally got the confirmation through.

Hmm, looking at it, these things aren’t that exciting.  Just shows you how crap my week has been for this to be the top 5 things making me happy.