28 02 2008

10 years, 10 sodding years without hitting anything in my car, or the other way around.  Why then this morning did I have to go and reverse into that Vauxhall Frontera.  Luckily, there was no damage to that at all, but the boot of my car is all mangled.  I am really annoyed with myself, but to be fair it was camoflaged.  It was grey.  It was also raining and there was a grey fence behind it.  See Camoflaged. 

Doesn’t stop me feeling like a complete fool though.

As if my day couldn’t get any worse, I get to my office to find my old boss stood outside.  The one who I blame for forcing me to leave Homebase.  So I was accosted by him, only to find out that there is a Homebase regional meeting in the conference centre next to my office.  God knows who is in there but it could be bad.  Now they know where I work.  I think I may block up the windows. 

Evening update.  If things ouldn’t get worse, it truns out that I had left my lights on.  Cue having to find someone to jumpstart my car.  What a day, I am so glad its almost over.  Now I am watching the best of Tom Cruises crap films…Cocktail.  Legendary!