Great Minds Watch Crap TV

25 02 2008

I met up with Ebby last friday.  She came down to visit, and as we havn’t actually met before it could have been a bit odd, she is an old school friend of Devs, although they have not seen each other for 10 years.  However it wasn’t odd and it was a lot of fun, we laughed a lot.

I picked Ebby up from the station and then went back to mine luckily we managed to recognise each other, although she thought that I would be wearing a hat.  We had a bit of a chat and then went out for a Chinese which was really good.  The housemate came with us and between us we had 1/2 a crispy duck and pancakes (my favourite) and then 4 dishes and some rice.  By the end of it we were all stuffed and we went to the pub, but didn’t last long as we were all knackered.  We had been talking about films during the evening and it turned out tha Ebby hadn’t seen one of the greatest films ever made, the 1980’s John Hughes classic Ferris Buellers Day Off.  So we went home and watched that, I don’t think that me or the Housemate gave too much away, but the film shone through and I Ebby seemed to enjoy the film, with chuckles coming for the classic lines. 

Anyway after that we sat up until 2am watching crap TV.  Including Americas Most Smartest Model, where the dumbasses had to dissect a piglet, with one of the models calling the deceased a ‘Soviet’ because it wouldnt fit in the tray.  The main thing in this programme is that they all called intelligence ‘smarts’, with the best use being “I don’t have book smarts, i’ve got street smarts”  That was after one of the contestents had asked what was Mary Alice Stephensons surname.  She had said Alice.

After watching a Dance off style programme we turned in for the night, and on the Saturday we went to the beach, which was cold, wet and windy but fun, then to the Petersfield Bookshop where we spent about an hour mooching around the rows and rows of 2nd hand books.  At one point I had lost Ebby and had to get directions from a shop assistant to where she was looking at the poetry section.  Once we had made our purchases we headed down to Port Solent to have some food before I took her back to the train station.  This was a fantastic day and we had a great laugh.  I believe that we will meet up again soon, and are planning a bit of a party in Juneish time where we will drag Dev and KP, Bimbo, Fat Bob and May-Z to dorset for the weekend.

Anyway, digression again, during the evening I met up with Smyles and Cath and we went to the pub.  It was a bit 3rd wheel like for me but hey, it was good to see them. 

Later folks.