Falling for Lavender

20 02 2008

Lightspeed ChampionFalling off The Lavender Bridge by Lightspeed Champion.

I have had some fluey coldy thing recently and so been ordering stuff from Amazon recently so am back in reviewing phase.  First up is  Falling off of Lavender Bridge by Lightspeed Champion a.k.a Dev Hynes (formerly of the excellent sounding and brilliantly named Test Icicles who are unfortunately no more).  

This is a great album its got some great lyrics especially on Everyone I Know is Listening to Crunk.  What I like best about this is the almost Country and Western style slide guitar, as well as pianoy parts and group harmonies.  I get the feeling that I should be writing more, but I am having minor writers block.  But I say buy this album, its well worth it.



One response

21 02 2008

See I thought this was where you were going to admit you have been having an illicit affair with an octogenarian, listing your romantic trips to Shop Mobility and car boot sales at 4am.

Old ladies love lavender, almost as much as they love pushing in queues.

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