Excess Gravity

11 02 2008

I have just had one of the best weekends in ages.  It started out on Friday night when Dev, KP, Fat Bob and Bimbo arrived on my doorstep.  After a hasty meal of Pizza and Wine the 6 of us, myself and the Housemate included headed up to out (not so) Local, the George.  We had a few drinks, and I bumped into a few people that I went to school with and then headed back to the executive penthouse for another beer and an arguement about music and which track had the better guitar riff, Back in Black or Smells like Teen Spirit.

As we woke up on Saturday from the various places we had been sleeping (I for one was in the hallway) I made everyone bacon sandwiches and then we all headed over to hayling for a spot of beach cricket as the day was so nice.  We found a spot of sand and were unfortunate to have the tide coming in, which cut short our game.  Even my makeshift sea defences didn’t work and soon the stumps were almost swept away by a wave.  After Lunch at the Ferryboat in we headed back to watch the end of the afternoons sport.  Pompey won, so I was happy.

In the evening, the 6 of us went off into the wilds of Albert Road for a pint in the Bold Forrester and then on to see New Found Glory at the Wedgewood rooms.  I have loved NFG since about 1998/99 when they released From the Screen to Your Stereo, a 6 track album featuring covers of famous songs from films, and I am delighted they are releasing a sequal to this.  A small digression there, but this is a band that I really like and have wanted to see for a while as I always associate them with being high energy and having a good time.  They really didn’t dissappoint me. 

The othe band playing were an american group called Condition who I thought were really good and You, Me at 6, a hotly tipped young English band, who sound exactly like about 6 others that 14 year olds like.  They started well, but only played about 6 songs and the left for the main event.  I have to say that there were a lot of highlights in NFG, but Dressed to Kill and the version of King of Wishful Thinking that they did were sheer class.  Needless to say I have now pre ordered the new album from Amazon.

So Sunday came and we decided that as the weather was so lovely we would head up to the Spinnaker tower for a view over Portsmouth, which was great, because I hadn’t been before.  It was opened in 2005 and a celebration of the Millenium since Jesus’ 5th birthday.  The first level is 100m and has a glass floor, which you can walk over (Or if you were the little kid, do knee slides over, I wish I had done that, it looked awesome). 

Then we went and had a meal in Chiquitos, as we couldn’t decide what we wanted Dev forever the smartarse decided that he wanted Mexican, and we did.  We got Fat Bob some balloons for his birthday, for which he was most greatful and embarrassed.  We only wanted one, but the waitress brought back 6 with her.

That was pretty much the whole awesome weekend, I can’t honestly write about most of the conversations that we had, as everyone would think that we were mad.  But I will say that KP was right.  Man U.  lost and Liverpool didn’t, Jo Brand isn’t funny, a tennis ball is now floating somewhere in the English channel and I had an fantastic weekend.

Cheers all.

If anyone is interested I just found NFGs setlist from Saturday night

02/09/08 (Sat)  Wedgewood Rooms – Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Set 1: Something I Call Personality*, Understatement*, Truth of My Youth*, It Ain’t Me Babe*, All Downhill From Here*, Sucker*, Hold My Hand*, King of Wishful Thinking*, Hit or Miss*, Head On Collision*, Failures Not Flattering*, Dressed To Kill*, Iris*, Forget My Name*, It’s Not Your Fault*, Kiss Me*, E: Coming Home*, Sincerely Me*, Intro*, My Friends Over You*



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11 02 2008

So where is this place with less gravity? I’m going to have to edit my bog now coz I completly forgot about that conversation. And I forgot that you did a dramatic dive over the sofa after tripping over your own jeans.

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