I Like Rock Music

7 02 2008

Do You Like Rock Music by British Sea Power

I am a big fan of the earlier BSP album, The Decline of British Sea Power, which was released 5 years ago now (Where has the time gone).  I liked it because of the Bowie sounding voice and tunes, especially on Remember Me, which is a class track.  I will be honest though, 2005 was a bit of a musical wilderness year for me, so I missed the follow up to that Open season, so I can’t really comment on the musical progression, but this album is different in a good way.

There is enough of interest in this album to keep me occupied for a while, the vocals seem to be more melancholy on some of the earlier tracks and track 9 Atom, at first listen reminded me of a more rocking Magic Numbers, voice wise.  Don’t slate me for saying it, thats just my first thought.

Anyway there are plenty of great songs on this album, and like Vampire Weekend is a good step above what is getting the most airplay at the moment.  Also like Vampire Weekend, I doubt very much that this is everyones cup of tea, but thats where most people are wrong.  I found listening to this album a very relaxing experience, with No Need To Cry being a beautiful track.

Anyway, I like it, and im definately not dissappointed, and Rock Music like this I like very much.



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