5 02 2008

Now the Benjani-Defoe saga is sorted (Its a phased payment permanent deal apparantly) I can get on with talking about somthing else, and that somthing is my recent amazon purchases.  They arrived today so I will listen to and do a sort of mini review over the next few days.  Here is the first…

Vampire Weekend by Vampire Weekend.

Ever since I first heard Mansard Roof about 5 months ago on Colin Murray’s Radio 1 show I have been waiting for this to come out.  It always worries me when the song that I like the most is the first track on the album, but there it is in all of its weird brilliance (Currently on the Heavy Rotation list on All Things Go). 

Now don’t ask me to name the instruments that are playing most of the time, that has never been my strong point, but track 5 called M79 has a really nice piece of music behind it, and the arrangements throughout are a decent step above the normal dross that is about.  I love this album, but then again I like this sort of thing, and I am fairly sure that it won’t be everyones cup of tea, but hey, all you doubters are wrong.  Go and listen to Scouting for Girls and their songs about Michaela Strachan, which is a particular annoyance of mine at the moment, but I digresss.

Yep, 34 minutes of brilliance on this album, and you don’t often get songs about Architectural features or (possibly) named after 17 year old Arsenal and England strikers.



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6 02 2008

OOh i was just about to order Vampire Weekend yesterday but got a bit distracted. I shall do it today!!I have become a bit annoyed with the air play that Scouting for girls, the wombats and other such dross has been getting recently.

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