Deadlines II

1 02 2008

When I finished my blog yesterday I said that I would prefer it if we had both Defoe and Benjani.  When I went to bed at 11, the Benjani deal was still going through with Man City.

 Brilliant surprise when I woke up this morning when this deal has fallen through, luckily the £9million Defoe deal didn’t actually hinge on Benjani going.  Now we look to have more strength in depth up front and someone else who might look like scoring.  All in all, im really pleased.  Hopefully this will all work out and we can make the push for Europe.

We have had a fairly quiet transfer window with Defoe, Lassiana Diarra signing and Milan Baros coming on loan.  Usually  Harry would have signed at least 8 players, most of them or free from some unheard of Eastern European or African side.  This shows that we are moving in the right direction.

Also in football news, somthing that I am quite glad about, David Beckham has been left out of the England squad.  As always supporters are wallowing in nostalgia thinking that he is our saviour and we are a world class team.  The last and only time we won anything was 42 years ago.  So we aren’t.  The realisation is that Beckham plays in one of the worst leagues in the world (I say plays, I think that he started about 5 games all season) and is lacking match practice, when there are players in the Premier league proving themselves week in and week out.  I dont care if its only a friendly against Switzerland, we have to win this game to start rebuilding our reputation.  Playing an non-match fit player just so that he can reach a milestone (He could have reached it if he hadn’t been sent off)  just seems a bit crazy for me.

 I fear I have said too much…