29 01 2008

I went out for a jog last night, well I say jog, I cant get used to running slowly.  Anyway, with the cold and everything, my asthma really played me up, and needless to say I am a lot unfitter than I used to be and ended up doing about a mile.

No excuses really, I know I am unfit, and I know that I need to get fitter, however I think that my chest infection took more out of me that I had first realised, my lungs are screwed (or at least blocked up with fat) so I should probably be out on my bike trying to boost the aerobic fitness levels.  I am sure that the stamina will come, but I could do with going with someone else so that I don’t end up sprinting for 300m and then dying for the next mile.

 I don’t think I will be going out again tonight, but possibly tomorrow…..



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