Music makes my world go round

23 01 2008

As im sure it says in my Bio on here, I am a bit of a music junkie, which is why its surprised me that I havn’t actually written anything about it on here.  So here goes…

I like a good gig, but havn’t been to one for over a month, so im getting itchy feet and restless ear, I am longing to be aurally excited but am going to have to wait a while as firstly I have no money (Due to my own stupidity I am down to the last £100 of my exceedingly large overdraft) and 2ndly there isnt much about for the next couple of weeks.  No matter how much I scour the listings pages of the local venues there isnt anything for over a fortnight.

The Wedgewood rooms is the most likely place to have somthing that I would go to, with the Joiners being a close second. 

Now I have tickets for New Found Glory at the Wedge on the 9th and have some mates from the Woo coming down, but apart from that my friends down here are being generally lame.  I cant find anyone who wants to go to Nine Black Alps, I could ask my sister but she is so lame when it comes to music (she went to the Isle of Wight festival and says that the best band she saw were the Feeling.  This was at a festival headlined by Muse and the Rolling Stones.  Festival poser!!! but thats a different story alltogether)  and won’t see a band unless she has heard of them, no matter how many times I tell her to take a chance.

So anyway, the next band that I have tickets for are The Futureheads who I know Fat Bob and The Bimbo hate, but I have seen them and thought that they were really good.  Still it looks like it will be a good summer for music down here.  I am hoping that by the time I get paid, there will still be tickets for The Automatic and Dashboard Confessional.

Still in May, its ATP, curated by Explosions in the Sky,  with some bands that I am really looking forward too like the Silver Jews, ….and you will know us by the trail of the dead, De La Soul, The National and Ghostface Killa.

That will be somting to see.  One of the Wu Tang Clan in Butlins wavepool.

Later Kids



2 responses

25 01 2008

My hatred of Futurehead is based on a live performance. They supported the Foo Fighters at the NEC ages ago and they were just terrible. Which is a shame coz I quite liked them before that and was really looking forward to it.

26 01 2008

I’ve seen them live too, and I really thought that they were quite good.

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