all my dreams come true: I hope not

16 01 2008

I’ve been having some really bizzarre dreams of late, not just odd, but really really strange, and somewhat frightening.

About a week ago I dreamt that I was shot in a gangsta style drive by, I cant really remember much more of it than that, but it was definately enough to wake me up.

2 nights ago I had a dream about some random person who works in a theatre, and we went for a walk.  It was really vivid and I could probably draw you a map of where we walked, but I dont think it exists.  Plus I havn’t been to a theatre in so many years and I definatly don’t know anyone who works in one.

Last night though was the one that woke me up and left me in a cold sweat:  I dreamt that I hadn’t done my GCSE maths coursework and that I couldn’t pass the exam if it wasn’t done.  I am not joking, but this really firghtened me.  The problem is I have no idea why, I left school 12 years ago and finished my GCSE maths with a good mark.

So if anyone has anyideas about what any of these dreams mean, then let me know.  It would be much appreciated.




One response

21 01 2008

Not sure about the theatre one but the other 2 sound like you are stressing about something you have no control over. But hey, I’m not a dream analyst.
I was having odd dreams a while ago. I think sometimes your brain is just bored especially if you haven’t done anything particularly taxing all day.

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