Rock and Roll lifestyle

15 01 2008

I went off to Geneva yesterday and came back this morning.  I spent yesterday afternoon in meetings for various different things and then we went out for a meal in the evening.  It was a great night with 16 of us there and excellent food.

I had a rather lovely vegetable soup and then Lamb chops that were cooked to perfection.  A large amout of red wine flowed and I also had a creme brulee, which was excellent too.  If anyone gets to go to Via Roma in Geneva, I really reccommend it.

After the meal, the boss made his usual inappropriate speech and a toast followed with Lemoncello, which tastes like liquid sherbert lemons.  This is not a drink to be taken lightly as its really alcoholic, but it goes down really well.

After the meal I went back to one of my colleagues flats which is in an amazing location in Lausanne, and overlooks the lake and the alps and is a nice place to watch the sun rise.

I flew back this morning, the visit was far too short though, but I will be going back soon as I have the Vercaza dam bungee jump to do. 



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