3 01 2008

Its a new year so I like many millions of people have started with a new set of resolutions.  Ive not gone for anything major like a job change, or moving house.  I have just gone for making the most of my time on earth, by doing things to get a bit of adrenaline pumping through the veins. 

So comes the Year of Living Dangerously.

Pamplona is booked, so I now need to get fit, I’ll be off out on the bike soon enough to get the lungs working again.

Apart from that I may take a night class just to get out of the house.  The other big change in my life is going to be that I won’t be going up to Worcester as much.  It costs far too much money, and as I need to start clearing the overdraft, its a good place to start.  Plus it may give me a chance to start meeting people down this neck of the woods.

So we will see where this takes me.



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