Urinal Politics

11 12 2007

This is a subject close to every mans heart and one that pops up quite a lot when you are out and about and need to use the loo.

 Where do you stand when there are 3 spaces in the Urinal and some fat old guy is using the one in the middle.  The answer is in the toilet with the door.  There is a good review of this phenomenon here. Surely all men on some level know about this, so why not just go to one of the side ones and then at least 2 people can go at the same time.

 What I would like to know is why a 3 urinal stall is the most common one to have in public restrooms, surely one for 4 or even 5 would not be much more expensive.  I will conceed that in some places space is tight but surely more places could fit in that extra bit  of trough to make life more comfortable for comfort breaks.