Is it me or is it getting hotter?

6 12 2007

Its the UN Climate Change Conference in Bali at the moment, which is working on an updated version of the Kyoto protocol, which is due to come to an end in 2012.  Now bits of this have annoyed me, because this is a global meeting is a good thing, please do not get me wrong, I am one of the people who believes in climate change and personally I think that we could all be completely screwed within the next 50 years.

Firstly, why have it in Bali?  Surely nmost of the policy makers on this are from either Europe or America, and Bali is a small island.  Although in Indonesia there are no forests that people can see the destruction in, yes it may be one of the places that sinks when the ice caps melt but, its not the ideal place to send 10,000 delegates. 

Why if you are advocating less flying do you have it in a place that you can only get to by flying?  10,000 flights is a lot of carbon being released.

Some good things have come out of this already, for example for the first time scientists have actually come out and said “There is no time to loose” , they are right, action should be taken, and these people are world leaders in the field.  Surely we should be listening to them.

I now want to go back to September when we have George Jnr.   talking utter bollocks about how America is a world leader in reducing Carbon emissions (One of the German Delegates called this an “Utter Charade”).  He has admitted that Energy and Climate change are issues though, so thats very big of him.  He wants to start a fund for helping poorer countries get cleaner technologies.  Heres a good start George my boy, get your own country sorted out first.

I really should stop this line of thought before it becomes a completely anti Bush rant, and I don’t want it to be.  So if this summit can bring about a good clear message on Climate Change with some stringent new targets set, not ones made up to suit your Dads oil producing golf buddies (Sorry there I go again), this may actually work.

 I suspect that I will write more on this later.