2008: The year of living dangerously

3 12 2007

Plans are afoot to make next year an adrenaline filled fun fest.  I have decided that I need to get out and do a few little things to get the blood pumping.   Needless to say I will need to get in training, so the bike will be coming out a bit more often, but I have been saying that for quite a while.  The first reason is that I have said that I will do the great south run which is in October.

However, somthing I have wanted to do for years and have finally decided to do it.  The Pamplona Bull Run.   This has always fascinated me, and ever since I saw City Slickers when I was 12 I have wanted to do it.  So I me the housemate and Dev are going.  Possibly Fat Bob too.  Should be a good giggle.

 Also I am going to do a Bungee jump, again somthing that I have always thought about.  The one I have my eye on is in Switzerland, its 722 feet high and is off of a Dam.  Its the one used at the start of Goldeneye.  So when  I am in Geneva for work I will take a few days and head down to Locarno for that.

My holiday next year as I have already said is looking likely to be Libya, so will try that.  As things develop I am sure that I will keep you all informed.



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