8.36. He should be sacked by now.

22 11 2007

OK, lets forget the result.  It was a shambles.  An emergency meeting has been scheduled by the FA for 8.30am.  My guess is that Maclaren will be out.  I can’t be bothered to be rude, its all been said before and I might start to go off on one.

Still good riddence, and can we have Mourinho please!  No you can’t have Harry, we’ve got Birmingham to beat at the weekend.



3 responses

23 11 2007

Rob suggested they should have Graheme Turner. They better not even ask him!! He has more important things to be dealing with, like the second round of the FA cup. I reckon it’ll be Mourinho though.

25 11 2007

Graham Turner can only take charge of a team if he owns everything connected to it…which could be difficult with England. King Graham I has a good ring to it though. There aren’t enough kings with that kind of name. King Nigel, for example, or Emperor Derek.

25 11 2007

Singapore have President Nathan.

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