Brits Abroad

17 11 2007

Im all in favour of freedom of movement, I think that people should be able to go where they like, but sometimes I wish that they just wouldn’t.  British people have a bad reputation when abroad and I can see why, certain sections of the public are so rude condecending and culturally unaware that I am surprised that they don’t get kicked out of the places that they visit.

For years I had put off going on a package holiday because I don’t really like them and they tend to get expensive, but for ease that is what me and the Housemate did when we went to Egypt.

Around the pool there were:

The Mahogany Women-In their Mid 40s never left the pool area in a week and were turning slowly darker and darker.  I suspect that in a few days a pool attendant will find their charred remains and half finished Jackie Collins books.

Doris and the Captain- We were unfortunate enough to sit next to this pair at breakfast one morning.  She never stopped moaning, never.  She was rude to the staff, constantly moaned about the hotel and the country and the hassles…..Why go?  I mean why? you aren’t happy abroad so why leave Manchester or wherever you are from.  The Captain was just as rude but he always wore his navy cap and was deaf as a post.

Lobster Couple-  Arrived on the same day that we did, but they hit the pool in the morning while we went out.  By the time we got back they were bright red and stayed that way for the rest of the week.

The Saga Louts-  The Saga holiday tours.  Ok, I have nothing against them really but do you honestly everyday have to turn up to the restaurant in Egyptian headdress.

At the Airport:

Due to a problem with our original plane we had to get a smaller one and this caused all sorts of havoc with the typical Brits abroad.

Leopard woman-  I would say Early 60s with family in tow, she barged through the queue like an icebreaker to push her way to the front and demand that she was seated first.  She had a leopard print top on and matching luggage, and jewellery like Pat Butcher.

Premium seat moaners- It was a smaller plane, you paid extra for a premium seat with more leg room, you are tall, we get it ok.  Stop moaning at the hostesses who are doing a great job in the circumstances.  I am positive that you will get your money back and probably some holiday vouchers too, but this is a 5 hour flight, please stop now….please.  That and the fact that why, if you are so worried about legroom and paying extra for a seat are you only flying Thompson and not with Virgin?  Oh thats right, its because you are cheap.

I know where I am going on holiday next time.  Libya, less tourists and more importantly less Brits.



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19 11 2007

Agree with you completely. I feel the need to dig out my blog on Brits abroad and post it too.

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