Ninja Warrior: Could this be the only true sport?

6 11 2007

Working from home I get to see all of the crappy daytime TV, and most of it I can’t stand so I watch the film channels instead.  The one programme that I always make time to watch though is Ninja Warrior (or Sasuke to give its Japanese name).  The basic premise of this show is 100 contestants have to try and make it through obstacle courses (4 stages geting progressively harder) in the time limits and without touching the water…well nearly drowning.

This program gives me the full range of emotions, with laughing at peoples failure (harsh but true, its quite amusing to see people fall from the obstacles) to the sheer how the hell do they do that.  The fact is that it looks fun and I really want a go.  I think that I could become a legend on Mount Midoryama, or more than likely go out on the rolling log in the first round.

 Now the main thing that gets me with this program is that the contestents don’t do this for prize money, they do it for the honour of being crowned King or Queen of Ninja Warrior.  They train hard all year and build copies of the obstacles to practice on and personally I feel Premier league footballers could do with taking a leaf from their book, rather than taking 150k a week in wages. 

 There you go, 6pm on challenge TV after Takeshis Castle.  Sit down and switch off your brain.  Watch it, you know you want to!



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