Self satisfaction

5 11 2007

The conversation went somthing like this.

 Me: “Fancy a quick burn at QE tomorrow?”

Rich: “Yeah alright, what time?”

Me:”About 10ish?”

Rich:”Good plan”


The quick burn at QE means going out on our bikes to Queen Elizabeth country park, and not to put to finer point on it, we are both 27 and bloody unfit.  Plus I am just getting over a chest infection, so I thought this may have killed me, but what the hell.  Turns out the weather was good and off we went.

Having no fitness at the moment is not a good thing and so at the top of the first hill I had to have a bit of a sit down as I could feel the blood draining from my brain to get oxygen to where its needed.  But still I persevered and kept going and afterwards felt surprisingly good.  Its been quite a while since I went out properly and its good to know that my technique is still there, keeping up with the fit people on the single track and losing them on the hills where my lungs were collapsing.  Still im glad that I went as this is the first part of my training to actually run the great south run next year (Can’t believe that I said I would).

 Anyway, Im off to buy some sun tan cream for the holiday and possibly a new pair of shorts.




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