At large in London

4 11 2007

So anyway, it was Catherines birthday today (Happy Birthday) so I went up to Oxford on on Friday night after work (Why is it that whenever you have a holiday booked you have to work late on your last night?) for a couple of days.  Not a great deal happened on Friday, as we had planned to go to London early on Saturday. 

After much faffing about by Catherine on Saturday that seemed to include 3 or 4 phonecalls to the boyfriend we finally got the train and managed to blag the last 2 seats in pretty much the whole train.  It was full of stag dos and Arsenal fans (awaiting the lunch time kickoff at the Emirates)  and when it stopped at Reading, I am surprised that people weren’t bursting out of the windows.  I swear that there are trains in India that carry less passengers.  Anyway we got to Paddington to find out that there were major closures on the underground so all journeys took much longer and we had to go various different and non direct ways which blows, but we got to South Kensington and mooched around the Natural History museum for a while.  Catherine was looking forward to seeing the elephants, and needless to say I got excited buy the cross section of a 1400 year old Giant Sequioa.  Obviously the museum would have been better if I was 12, but I still think that there are a lot of excellent things in there, the Dinosaur exhibit is great but it was too hot and too busy, so we left the NHM and took the tube to Blackfriars and wandered down the Thames and across the Millenium bridge to the Tate modern.

 Now this quite excited me as part of my ever continuing quest to become an “interesting person” I quite like art galleries and can now tell quite a few artists work from a hundred yards.  The main installation (get me using technical words from the art world) that they have there is a 150 yard long crack in the floor.  To be quite honest I am sure the leaflet that I was given about it would have probably told me somthing about the division of class and society or some other gubbins but to me it just looked like the building was having trunking laid. 

 What I was pleased to see was that there was the original “Whamm” by Roy Lichtenstein and a couple of surrealist paintings by Magritte.  Its definately an interesting place and at some point I will go again.

 After this we headed off to the pub for a Toad in the Hole and a pint in the pub next to the Golden Hind where we were met by May-Z and some more drinking ensued and the talk got a bit more random as I had more to drink.  About 8 we decided that we should leave and headed off to London Bridge, which I swear had the Bakerloo line in it when I last looked at the map, but apparantly it had been moved, which in my drunken state is never a good thing.   Still we eventually got the train and after a few games of Scissors, Paper, Stone we made it back to Oxford.

 Oh yes, there was a girl on the train with a copy of the Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath who I really should have made more of my opportunity to talk to, but I didn’t and I apologise, because you were cute (You never know she may be reading this).



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